Releasing the Last Ten Pounds

Like many people, I have struggled with my weight my entire life. Sometimes those struggles were merely tussles; others were all out wars. Sometimes I lost. Sometimes I won. I am currently within ten pounds of my desired goal weight.

Ironically, when I mention that I’m still trying to lose ten pounds or pass on a dessert, I typically get responses such as, “But you look great!” “That’s too thin.” “You’re too skinny.” “You don’t need to lose another ten pounds.” “X% body fat is too low.”

Hmph. Thanks for noticing, but no thanks.

There are many so-called challenges to losing the last ten pounds, not the least of which are the well-meaning concerns of friends and family.

However, the bigger culprit may be the deeply held cultural belief that the last ten are the hardest. Are they really? And more importantly, do they have to be?

This blog is dedicated to my the last, final, wonderful weeks of being above my desired goal weight. I tend to experience them fully and fondly, as I never intend to be here again. It’s not going to be hard. It’s going to be what I make it. I plan to have fun, eat well, and exercise within my means. To do otherwise would set me up for failure and failure–this time–is no longer an option.

But more importantly, what I do these last few weeks will set me up–finally–for a lifetime of sustainable health, fitness, and vitality.

And just so there is no misconception, I am on the high end of normal weight by official recommendations and/or standards and will remain “normal” after the release of 10 pounds of excess fat.


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